Female + Designer = Amateur

Female + Designer = Amateur

December 07, 2010
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Anyone that knows me knows I am 100% not a feminist. That doesn't mean that I am subservient to men, don't have a strong personality, or don't stand up for myself. It just means that I don't agree with the contemporary idea of 'feminism' where women complain about every little opposition that comes their way. (Edit: Not to say that every feminist is like this, but some are) I prefer to fight my battles on my own. I never wanted to use this blog to talk about personal matters because I wanted to keep it professional. That said theres every so often that a 'man' will do something so shocking that I feel it necessary to put on blast.

Recently my friend and I made a Diplo t-shirt to wear to one of his shows and it turned out to be sort of a hit. So we decided start Gorgeous&Exotic as a way to sell shirts that make us laugh or that we liked. We threw the site up just over a month ago and have been working on more ideas. While on facebook yesterday I came across a post by the BBC show Inbetweeners about their new t-shirt design that just happened to be almost exactly what we had up. I posted that I thought ours was better, I still think it is.


Today I wake up to an email that was so rude it could only have been an email because no one would ever have the guts to say something like that in person:

rude email

First of all this guy must have a real exciting life if he finds our site and has nothing better to do than go out of his way to personally attack us. I didn't respond to him in a dignified way. In fact told him to 'go f*ck himself' and commented on the size of his manhood. Which I make no apologies for. Once you are outright nasty to me you don't deserve my respect or explanation. I will however go through and comment on the points in his email, here.

His first point, that the idea is not original. Ok, obviously this guy thinks we're so stupid that we made this shirt not even realizing we were mocking a popular t-shirt design. We actually were well aware of what we were doing and that was the point of doing it. No where do we lay claim that we came up with the 'original idea' of the shirt overall. This is a popular design that has been used many, many times. The 'original' idea of our shirt was using the Inbetweeners names, which was the only thing I claimed 'stolen' in my posts. Obviously it was a pretty good idea since BBC are now selling the idea themselves. But since we're women, when it comes from us its unoriginal and stupid. When the BBC does it its ok.

The second point, that we are violating copyright. I have absolutely no reason to believe that we are. Our shirt lists four names, it does not list the show or even the names in the same order as the BBC shirt. The colors, spacing and size are totally different. We took the shirt down because we just don't want to deal with the headache. Whether or not we are actually violating copyright laws is not what bothers me about this point, the fact that he felt like he needed to do something about it. I could almost see his thought process; 'These girls are so dumb, SOMEONE has to inform the BBC!" We needed a man to step in and show us how stupid we are because there's no way we could have a brain.

Obviously the third point in his email is what my real problem with this guy is. First he starts off asking me to explain the kerning.. just so that I know that he's knowledgeable about typography. He thinks our shirt isn't as nicely put together as the BBC shirt, fine. I honestly don't care because everyone has their own preference. Then we have it: "Yours is pretty amateur - I guess it because you are both girls." Great typo by the way guy. Somehow, his personal opinion of our design transforms into his true colors: Hes a misogynist pig. I'm sure there are lots of other men out there that share this guys opinion. In fact I've been told to my face before that I was inferior as a tattoo artist because I was a woman, that didn't go over well.

THEN as if he didn't offend me he says 'I look forward to hearing from you on this.' I literally could not believe what I was reading. Really?! You have the nerve to tell me I'm inferior to you, yet you want to have an intellectual discussion about this? I wonder if our website didn't say anything about our gender if this guy would have been SO inclined to make his opinions known. I think the answer is a clear, NO.

It disgusts me that men like this still exist, but then again it also doesn't surprise me at all. There will be no comments on this, though I expect some hate mail.